Touch, toss, squeeze and splat—ORB Odditeez™ Beadiballz are the wobbly, wacky wonders filled with bubbly beads. Available in a variety of exciting colors and sizes for you to collect.

Silly, squeezy, and wildly fun—ORB Odditeez™ SlimiBallz are the collectible balls filled with ooey, gooey, slimi sensations. Choose from mega, ultra, jumbo and XTREME sizes!

ORB Odditeez™ MeteorBallz are the tactile toy with celestial style. Watch as these squeezable balls soar through the sky and make a satisfying splat as they fall to earth. They’re a blast to play with and collect!

Double the texture, double the fun! ORB Odditeez™ Halfzeez are twice as nice with both slimi and Beadiballz™ fills. Squeeze and splat your way through a zany collection of contrasting color combos